March 24th, 2020 | Pastor P

Making A Difference

As I've said before - this is, hands down, the global situation is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life...

...however...'s also an opportunity for the church to step up and make a difference.

We should absolutely continue to pray for our leaders, health care workers and those we know who may be sick...

...but, we should also be the hands and feet of Jesus to the community we are in.

There is a local ministry called, "The Lot Project" that has been operating in Anderson for years.

They absolutely do ministry in our community by serving the poor and forgotten in ways that are amazing.

During this season we are partnering with them.

In addition to partnering with them financially - we also reached out and asked them what their greatest need is right now...

...and...their #1 need is non perishable food...

Specifically...things like...

  • Chef Boyardee spaghetti, ravioli
  • Soups (chicken noodle, etc.)
  • Pop top green beans
  • Granola bars

So - let's not just pray about this--but participate by going out, doing some shopping and meeting a need right here in our community.

We will be having a drop off this coming Thursday (March 26) from 10:00am - 2:00pm at the physical location of the church (140 Commons Parkway, Anderson, SC 29621).

All you will need to do is pull up to the church and someone will walk out to your car and receive what you bring. We kindly ask that you not get out of your car/gather inside so we may be respectful of what's being asked of us by our local and national leaders - once again, just pull up and someone will come to your car.

Thank you in advance Second Chance for doing this - it's going to make a difference in the lives of so many people who feel forgotten during this season.

Let's step up and do whatever we can to make happen.

Love you guys!

Pastor P