March 20th, 2020 | Pastor P

An Update From Pastor P

I've honestly never seen the world deal with this much uncertainty!

  • How bad are things going to get?
  • When will this be over?
  • Will life ever be normal again?

Just like many of you - I have scratched my head on more than one occasion and asked, "what is happening God?"

However, in all of this I feel the Lord continually bringing me back to John 16:33 where Jesus says: "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Three things stand out in this verse...

  1. Jesus wants us to have peace.
  2. Jesus promised we would have trials and sorrows.
  3. Jesus reminds us that He has overcome the world (and - if He lives in us, that means we overcome as well!)

Our goal at Second Chance Church during this season is to be as encouraging as possible through as many ways as possible.

Unfortunately - due to the seriousness of the situation, we will be doing online church only for an indefinite period of time.

Like many of you - I miss everyone so much and want us to get back together at our physical location as soon as possible.

However, I also want to be responsible as a leader and make sure that we, as a church, are making the best decision for all it will impact.

And - just like I said last week, even though we may be separated physically - we are NOT separated spiritually. We saw an incredible increase in our online attendance last weekend - and know of at least six people who gave their lives to Christ!

This week we are starting a brand new series on the book of Esther called, "Pieces" where we will be dealing with the question, "What do you do when it feels like God has given up on you?"
This will be an incredible opportunity to get someone you know who may really be hurting or struggling during this time to join you/us online.

Our broadcast times will be the same - 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 am and 5pm.

I love you guys and miss you all so much! Please stay safe--and make sure your loved ones have plenty of toilet paper!!

The best is yet to come!